Digital insight right in your pocket

Get an overview, get the most out of your resources, save time and make a profit with digital job and resource management. Minuba is an online tool for both small and large companies. It provides you with an integrated solution for electronic job management. Now, you get an overview of your company’s jobs and activities, what can be billed and how hours are spent. You can also see which products, costs and services relate to the different jobs.

Minuba’s functions

• Easy invoicing: When the job is done, the invoice is ready to be send to the customer. You can send invoices for the public sector with a single push of a button.

• Recorded hours and materials are automatically transferred to the invoice.

• Consumption of materials is registered with a barcode scanner, so nothing is left out.

• Plenty of suppliers and wholesalers. Browse through the product inventory of more than 30 suppliers.

• Quality control: the employees make the quality control electronically when visiting the customer.

• Minuba can be integrated with a long list of systems.

• Management overview: Minuba provides you with an overview of jobs and finances so that you know which jobs earn you a profit and how to best optimise your business. 

Try it out

Get started right away. Try Minuba for free for 30 days and see what difference it makes to your business.

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