Solar Insight

Want to spend 10,000 on maintenance, instead of 100,000 on new machinery?

Our solution with the Panoramic Power products will make you foresee equipment failure and consequently perform predictive maintenance to avoid down-time.
With Solar Insight, you get access to an infinite amount of data via these nifty little click-on devices from Panoramic Power. The solution lets you improve operational excellence and helps you prevent break-downs with real-time surveillance, automatic reports and alerts via email and text messages.

The installation is quick and easy so you avoid stopping your production. You don’t even need to switch off the power.
You can attach the click-ons to both existing and new circuit-breakers with a rated current of up to 1000amp.

Panoramic Power offers the economic solution for data collection and surveillance – no matter the size of the installation

Wireless, self-powered sensors

The non-invasive sensors are clamped on the outgoing electrical wire from the circuit breaker. They harvest the magnetic field as a power source for monitoring the flow of electricity and sending information wirelessly in real-time. No maintenance is ever required on the self-powered sensors.

Deployed to deliver real-time data

Hundreds of sensors can be installed in a few hours. The sensors transmit data wirelessly through the bridge and deliver energy information every 10 seconds to PowerRadar, which is the solution's cloud-based analytics platform.

Collect and analyse in an easy-to-use dashboard

PowerRadar provides users with a powerful interface to monitor, measure, report and understand electrical energy consumption right from site level to an individual device level. Insight into energy usage enables you to optimise operations, processes and maintenance resources.

What used to be invisible

It begins with monitoring and tracking the energy flows to each energy-consuming asset. Every device has an energy profile and the sensors are able to understand operational patterns, pinpoint inefficiencies and correct faulty systems. They can also report and send real-time alerts about abnormalities – thereby avoiding crises and failed machinery.

CASE: Reduce costs by monitoring energy efficiency

Alt Pack is Denmark’s largest packing facility working on a contractual basis. In total, the company comprises 20 packing lines.
The majority of Alt Packs activities revolves around using compressed air, which means that it makes up a large cost in such a facility. Alt Pack has in-house technicians to maintain, repair and remodel machinery. Their main concern is achieving as much uptime as possible and not to look at energy consumption. But that is exactly why Alt Pack has brought in Solar to cover this area.

The Solar Insight solution
Three sensors on each phase of the air compressor were installed including a gateway. This enabled measuring and collecting data on energy consumption in a Cloud solution. The installation took less than an hour to complete and after a short period of measuring, several actionable insights were clear.

The solution detected waste resulting from employee behaviour. People simply forgot to turn off the compressor during the night. Furthermore, even though production was shut down, production of compressed air continued.
Solar A/S initiated a partnership with a world-leading supplier of pneumatic components and started a project focusing on the compressed air consumption at Alt Pack. In that partnership, Solar delivers data and analyses from the Panoramic Power solution. Our partner delivers the expert knowledge on energy optimisation and Alt Pack’s technicians optimise packing lines, aiming to reduce compressed air consumption. An added benefit from this project is that processes of the individual packing lines have improved significantly.

Long-term results
We managed to reduce consumption of compressed air as well as the pressure in the system. Also, both efficiency and uptime increased.
The optimal capacity of the compressor is ensured which prolongs its lifespan.
Now, Alt Pack base machinery inspection on the number of operation hours instead of a fixed annual machinery check. This entails reduced maintenance costs for the compressed air system and the compressor. In the end, Alt Pack will see annual energy savings due to behavioural optimisation and will save approx. 30% just from optimising their consumption of compressed air.