Smart Supply

Logistics solutions for every need

Whether you work within the electrical, heating and plumbing or industrial industry, Solar has a supply chain solution that suits you. We call it Smart Supply. You get a customised inventory that is easy to manage. Did we mention that you'll save both time and money?

Save time and money on your articles of consumption

Solar’s logistics solution called Smart Supply gives you a structured and simple warehouse setup, where you’ll always have the products available on the shelves. Because we offer day-to-day delivery and easy reordering via barcodes you can count on your tools, fixings and other articles of consumption being available where you want them and when you want them to be.  

Tons of savings
Products like these are commonly known as ”C articles” and they are often overlooked in the daily course of business, explains Sales Manager at Solar Brian Simonsen.

- If you compare the total value of these articles with the customer's procurement costs, then it only represents a small part. In fact, purchasing C articles only makes up 5% of the customer’s total procurement on average. On the other hand, they make up half of all the articles found in the warehouse, points out Brian Simonsen and explains that you can save a lot by letting Solar handle your inventory.

Reduce costs on C articles and achieve a healthier bottom line 
An agreement with Solar comprises everything that we in daily terms call C articles. This means tools, power tools, various fixings as well as articles of consumption such as drills, bits, fire protection, chemistry, protective gear and so on.

A solution that often result in: 
- Reduction of inventory of up to 30%
- Physical optimisation 
- Better overview of C articles and articles of consumption

Case: How Nilfisk Food optimised their warehouse management

Efficiency and savings

The industrial company Nilfisk Food chose to outsource their warehouse management to Solar. The result is a much more streamlined warehouse. During the past years, Solar has managed warehouse control, which contributed to a reduction of internal consumption of resources by monitoring stock and automatically order more products before the stock ran out. As a result, Nilfisk Food has reduced their stockpile with a third, which equals annual savings of approx. DKK 100,000.

Furthermore, time spent in the warehouse decreased, which meant that the employees could spend their time more efficiently. The positive effects of the change are also felt in the accounts department. Now, they experience less need for invoice control whereas previously, Nilfisk Food needed to keep track of payments to many different suppliers.

On site: Solar takes care of everything

When using our building sites services such as kanban and kitting, you can get a Logistics Coordinator from Solar assigned to the construction site. He makes sure that:

- lockers and racks are always filled and that the content follows the progress of the construction
- surplus products are returned
- you get the right guidance regarding our products, fire protection, handling of chemicals and much more. 

Want a new inventory system at home?
Solar can also help you out with an optimised inventory back at your company. Together with you, we create a warehouse, which only holds the products you need. Your old storeroom gets a 2bin kanban solution which includes new racks and shelves with white boxes where you can see barcodes and product images. 

Our inventory solution often results in a stock reduction of up to 30% JESPER GRØNING ANDERSEN, Customer Logistics Manager, SOLAR

How to manage inventory on the building site

Leaving to get supplies is over. Running out of materials is over. Going from one end of the site to the other after a pack of screws is over. When Solar manages your inventory, you’ll find it right by your side. It almost sounds too good to be true. Saving both time and money while moving on to the next job even quicker? With Smart Supply Construction, this could be your reality.

Solar’s logistic solution provides you with a structured and simple inventory, where you’ll always find products on the shelves. Because we offer day-to-day delivery and easy reordering via barcodes you can count on your materials being available where you want them and when you want them to be.  

Bring your inventory to the construction site
Solar offers two clever inventory solutions for the building site. One of them is a container solution with racks tailored to the specific project with products which you choose. The other solution is a mobile cabinet on wheels which you can move around on the site. Common for both solutions is that boxes with articles are marked with barcodes, which means that you simply scan the code for quick and easy reordering. And if you order before 6:00 pm, you’ll have your products before 7:00 am the next day.

Do you spend your time efficiently?

Many hours each day are often spent on time-consuming tasks which are not necessarily helping your bottom line figures. So here is what we want you to consider.
How much time do you spend ordering products, picking up products and looking for the right item in your inventory? And what about paying invoices, filling up your storeroom and searching the market for new products and solutions? It probably takes up quite a few hours each week as well.

Insights from our customers tell us that typically, you spend two to four hours each day ordering and receiving goods. But we also know that these tasks are almost fully eliminated if you get a supply chain solution from Solar.

Did you know?

That Solar’s Smart Supply solutions helps you reduce the number of orders by up to 50% and thus also reduces the number of invoices? What’s more is that you may reduce your inventory with up to 30%. If you want to know more about how we can optimise your business, contact your local Solar business today.

Contact your Solar
This frees up a lot of time for me. Now, we have a system where Solar comes once a week and fills up our shelves. Jacob Fjord-Frandsen, owner of Vest-El in Hvide Sande

Case: The smart warehouse of an electrician

Now I get more time with my family

Racks and shelves are always filled. Everything is organized and easy to find in these simple boxes. It’s easy to reorder by scanning the barcode and Solar does most of the work for you. A smart warehouse solution available to everyone.

Stepping in the door and looking to your left, shelves are filled to the roof with old heaters, switches and wires all intertwined. But if you look to your right, it’s a whole other picture. Everything is straight as an arrow and put into system with white boxes lined up.

- A lot of the products I spend time ordering will now arrive automatically. This also means that the articles will always be available on the shelf, says Jacob Fjord-Frandsen, owner of Vest-El in Hvide Sande, Denmark.

With this inventory solution from Solar, Jacob Fjord-Frandsen saves both time and money. Now, he doesn't have to sit in front of is computer or waste time in his van getting products for his inventory. Now, his shelves are easy to oversee which means that he and his employees don't spend time searching for items in the warehouse. Finally, he doesn't have to get out his wallet every time some unforeseen expenses arrive because everything is put into system.

-This is going to free up a lot of time for me now that we have a system where Solar comes once a week and fills up my shelves. But this also eases the process for my employees because no, they can order products themselves. All they have to do is just scan the barcode on the box. This means that I don't have to sit with that task by the end of the day, explains Jacob Fjord-Frandsen. 

The new inventory solution is going to benefit more than just the Vest-El business.
-All the extra time that I get on my hands, I'll probably spend with my wife and family, he laughs.

A lot of the products I spend time ordering will now arrive automatically. This also means that the articles will always be available on the shelf Jacob Fjord-Frandsen, Owner of Vest-El in Hvide Sande, Denmark

How a smart supply solution works

1. The articles from Solar are placed in white boxes with barcodes and images so yo quickly locate the product. Each article has two boxes  
2. You pick the items you're going to use from the box
3. When the box is empty, you place it on top of the shelf and start using from box number two 
4. Solar arrives and scans the empty boxes and re-orders the missing items 
5. Solar fills up the empty boxes and puts them back in their right place