Customised solution reduces waste, saves time and improves efficiency


Customised solution created in partnership reduces waste, saves time and improves efficiency for customer, making way for follow-up order for Solar.

The Dutch installation contractor P. de Vries Installatietechnieken BV was commissioned for the installation work for phase 1 of East Tower, a building of 108 student housing studios in Leeuwarden, Holland. Together with Solar Sales and Sales Development, they were looking for a sustainable solution to supply the needed material and for assistance in simplifying the logistics process and limiting the waste flow on the construction site, reducing the use of paper, cardboard and plastic.

Customised solution
Based on P. de Vries’ needs and wishes, Sales Account Manager Jaap Dijksterhuis, Sales Development Manager John Bloemendaal, Project Office Manager Patrick Wiesehahn and Manager Services Rob Carati, all from Solar Nederland, found a solution in partnership with the customer.

Specially created pallet boxes on wheels were created for delivering the materials, instead of standard delivery in bulks on euro pallets. The boxes can be stored outside, as they are waterproof and can be locked with a padlock, so there is less chance of theft. Pneumatic tires ensure that the boxes are easily manoeuvrable on all types of surfaces and without damaging the surface.


Each box is packed with the materials needed for two rooms, saving time for the installer onsite, as unpacking, sorting and distributing of the materials are avoided. Less packaging material such as cardboard, plastic and polystyrene foam is needed when packing the boxes, resulting in smaller waste stream and improved efficiency on the construction site. The boxes can also be used for already assembled sanitary products, e.g. tap and siphon already mounted on the sink. The original packaging is removed and the goods are packed with blankets that are returned for reuse together with the box.

Project Office
The Project Office in Solar Nederland has the responsibility of organizing project deliveries or individual special deliveries to customers for all Solar's business areas in the Netherlands. They coordinate all aspects of customer orders and ensure that everything runs smoothly: they forecast the required materials, enter the orders into the system, oversee delivery to Solar's stock and communicate with the prefabrication department and coordinate the operational part, e.g. determine how the material should be delivered to the customer.


P. de Vries is very satisfied with the solution. Roel van der Ploeg, Senior Project Manager, says: "We are very excited about this solution. The pallet boxes are placed in the right place per apartment. This is very efficient."

Partnership made the difference
"The cooperation between all parties was pleasant and efficient," says Patrick Wiesehahn, Project Office Manager. "The project was completed to the great satisfaction of everybody involved. It's a great example of 'Stronger Together'. After the implementation, we received an assignment for the second phase of the project, West Tower, including another 180 student housing studios. We can be proud of that!"


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