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Time consuming IT tasks made simple

Do you and your employees spend too much time entering data? Time that would be better spent with a customer where you make real money? Maybe you’re thinking “there must be a smarter way to do this”. There probably is. Invest in knowledge and be ready to take on the jobs of tomorrow. It will increase your competitiveness and strengthen your position in the market.

One day with tailored Outlook or Excel training will do wonders for your daily routines. Annoying and time-consuming tasks like entering data will be done quicker and with just a few clicks in the system. Whatever IT skills you need updated, simple or complex, we have the experts to help you out.

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Solar School is our training provider. We offer both technical courses and sales and management training for technical contractors and tradesmen.

Insight, knowledge and customised teaching processes help our customers generate the results that make them succeed in their markets.




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