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Conquer the market with the latest technological insights

Do you spend resources on expensive consultants? Or have you ever sent off your people to join training or courses and then never really seen a visible result?

In a market where requirements and legislation is always changing, it is important to stay informed and always keep one step ahead of trends and competitors. With the right up-to-date knowledge you are able to ace your performance and increase both customer satisfaction and sales.

Benefit from targeted training, which helps you and your employees keep up with the latest development. Our courses are held regularly with expert teachers from Solar, educational institutions or leading partners within your business area. With the right training you are able to deliver the optimum solution based on the latest technological knowledge.

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Solar School is our training provider. We offer both technical courses and sales and management training for technical contractors and tradesmen.

Insight, knowledge and customised teaching processes help our customers generate the results that make them succeed in their markets.




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