NEWS May 10, 2019

With Panoramic Power Solar has gained transparency of their energy consumption and the condition of their machinery. According to the company it has reduced their energy consumption by more than 50 per cent.

Solar is taking its own medicine. The company has implemented sensors from Panoramic Power to prevent breakdowns and optimise the output and energy consumption of their production plant. With the sensors and some software you get access to the consumption data of the production in real time.

“I found out that one of our compressors, which is frequency controlled, showed a lower consumption than the other two. It basically never ran. I therefore changed the control, which reduced monthly costs on the compressor from DKK 21,400 to DKK 9,700”, says Jimmy Glenn Sørensen, Department Manager – Operations & maintenance at Solar. He adds:

“With the sensors I also save my time, and it makes my work more efficient, as I don’t have to go in several places to get the data”, he explains.

Overview of each individual metre

Panoramic Power is a flexible, scalable and cheap solution, which gathers and monitors consumption data regardless of the size and placement of the plant. The sensors are attached to the power supply with a simple click and production can keep running during the installation. You don’t even have to turn off the power.

In January 2018, Solar installed 15 sensors on e.g. compressors, pumps, regular power sockets and other measurements points from which the electric companies also get data.

“We got Panoramic Power because the electric companies only give us access to the total consumption. Thus, we are not able to read the individual metres”, says Jimmy Glenn Sørensen.

A long-term, sustainable solution

As more data was collected, consumption of the individual metres became clearer, and a lot of places showed potential for optimisations and savings.

“We want to install more sensors, and also plan to monitor our two storage hotels. This way, we will be able to create a report on CO2 consumption and see our electrical and gas consumption from there”, Jimmy Glenn Sørensen concludes.

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