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Welcome to our Supplier Engagement Programme

On this page, you will find guidance through our mandatory compliance documents that you need to be a supplier to the Solar Group. We are committed to performing legally correct, sustainable and ethical business practices and holding our suppliers to the same high standards.

Our vision: Sourcing sustainable products for our customers by leading the green transition and protecting human rights together with our suppliers

Compliance with the code of conduct through:
● Risk assessment of suppliers on the four pillars: human rights, environment. ethics and sustainable procurement
● Actively working with the suppliers on corrective action processes
● Reducing CO2 emissions in the supply chains through active supplier collaboration.

Document updates

2022-10-04: General terms and conditions 1.8
2022-09-16: General terms and conditions 1.7
2022-09-01: Sustainability Programme 1.2
2022-08-31: General terms and conditions 1.6
2022-01-03: Supplier Code of Conduct 7.0
2021-07-30: General terms and conditions 1.5