What is CPR?

CPR is the new EU rules defining fire performance of products used in buildings and civil works. Regulations are implemented July 2017 and concern power cables, control and communication cables and optical fibre cables - but only when used in buildings. Unlike previous, cables are now considered as building materials and therefore they must be CE marked and have this new fire classification. You can read more about this classification below.

Making sure that all cables are marked correctly is the manufacturer's responsibility, not yours. And you can be sure that all relevant cables in Solar's selection comply with CPR. We only deal with suppliers who have their documentation in order.

How to read the CPR fire classification

The CPR replaces the previous fire classification with 7 new primary classifications from A to F. Class A is non-flammable products whereas class F concerns products where fire performance is undefined. Classes C, D and E of this new classification will be the ones applied to cables most frequently.

The new classes are more complex and are based on the flame spread, heat release, smoke production, flaming droplets and acidity of the product, whereas the old classes only included flame spread. See below what the different letters represent.

This cable is marked with an Eca fire classification

Class refers to the flame spread and the heat release ranging from Aca to Fca. Aca indicates that the cable does not contribute to the fire at all and Fca burns heavily.

S refers to the smoke production. Ranging from S1a, attributed to a visibility of more than 80%, to S3 which indicates a very low visibility.

D stands for flaming droplets. It ranges from d0, indicating virtually no flaming droplets, to d2 indicating long and persistent flaming droplets.

A refers to the acidity of the emissions. It ranges from a1, attributed to low fire hazard cables, to a3 standard cables.

Can I use unmarked cables after the deadline?

After July 2017, you may still run into cables which are not marked according to CPR but they are still OK to use. This is because Solar is allowed to sell the cables we have in stock. We just can't buy unmarked cables after the deadline.