Solar focuses on the core business and concept sales

In 2017, the Danish Country Manager is appointed CEO, which means an increased focus on the core business and concept sales.

When hiring Jens Andersen as new CEO in 2017, Solar increases its focus on the core business. Three strategic focus areas are singled out and they should support the financial targets going towards 2020. The focus areas are Strategic suppliers, Industry focus and Operational excellence. 


The cooperation with the strategic suppliers should lead to increased concept sales to the customers. New customer concepts are added and now Solar includes Solar Plus, Solar Light, Solar Netto, Solar Cable, Solar Project, Solar Heat and Solar Tools. At the same time, we see a renewed focus on working across markets and thereby achieving important synergies.

Meanwhile, a Scandinavian industry sales organisation with dedicated attention paid to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is established. By delivering solutions for large customers who operates across borders, Solar wants to help them reduce their total costs, for instance by strategic consolidation of sourcing and suppliers.

At the central warehouses, Solar starts implementing the warehouse management system SAP eWM (extended Warehouse Management). Furthermore, the automatic storing system AutoStore is implemented in several warehouses.

In line with the continued strategy of profitable growth Solar divests its loss-making business activities in Austria and Belgium in 2018. Subsequently, the educational company Scandinavian Technology Institute is also divested and Solar School is re-established under Solar’s own management.

On the other hand, in 2019, Solar strengthens its market position within heating and plumbing as well as climate and energy in Sweden. This is done by acquiring selected parts of Onninen AB’s Swedish business activities.

Digitisation, urbanisation and electrification

During these years, mega trends such as digitisation, urbanisation and electrification change society and Solar has a solid position within all three areas.

The climate debate intensifies and Solar also increases its focus on the green transition. Among other things, this is done by establishing a solar cell covered parking space at the group headquarters in Vejen. The facility is established in the 100th anniversary year in 2019 and ensures green energy for the company’s own data centre as well as power for electric cars. At the same time, it works as a commercial display, so that the solutions may be presented to customers. The concept is marketed under the name “SunDryve” in relation to the sun, driving and keeping the car dry under the solar panels.

Once again, Solar is a front runner and challenges the world around us with the purpose of generating a new business area. As a matter of fact, the company has just defined an overall purpose; We passionately challenge to add value.

To challenge and have the courage to create change have been Solar’s reason for existing for 100 years. Today, Solar is a green, digital sourcing and services company who helps its customers increase productivity and delivers solutions that ensure sustainable use of resources. This can only be achieved with the help of 3,000 dedicated employees who with respect for the history work to further develop and renew the company.

And they are backed by Solar’s major shareholder, the Fund of 20th December, which originates from Solar’s founder Jacob Jørgensen. Following a generational shift, the fund is now the fourth generation of the family, which ensures the founder’s family continued connection to Solar and helps set the direction of the company.

“The support for Solar is strong and rooted in the fund’s articles of association. The Fund of 20th December’s primary purpose is to support the long-term development of Solar and help ensure its success. Therefore, we of course have certain demands in regards to the company’s results just like any other shareholder. Those are the conditions for a listed company”, says Thomas Borum, chairman of the board of the Fund of 20th December, and adds:

“Based on the company’s core values, glow, courage and SmartFun, Solar must also in future be innovative and a creator of change in order to create value for customers and shareholders – and interesting job opportunities for the employees. We have started the next 100 years, in which Solar undoubtedly will move in new directions. It will be very interesting to follow”.

This was the 12th and final chapter of Solar's history. We look forward to the next 100 years!

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