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100 years

Solar was founded in 1919 by Jacob Jørgensen. So, we have more than 100 years of history. We celebrated the anniversary in 2019 by publishing historical articles each month.

Find out how a young, determined entrepreneur founded Solar, and how it evolved into the digital sourcing and services company we know today.

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Solar is the land of can-do. Respect and professionalism are the main ingredients in our way of working, which is probably one of the reasons why we’re not easy to leave.

Whether you want to pursue a career within business development, people management or products and processes, we have an educational program and a career path to suit you. Watch the video to find out more about our values and what we stand for at Solar.

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Group Senior Category Manager Claus Stenager Jensen

As Group Senior Category Manager, Claus Stenager Jensen is responsible for making sure that we offer our customers the best possible range of products and services within the cable & cable management category across the Solar Group. He believes that collaboration is the key to obtaining this goal, and he is pleased to see synergies arising across departments and borders, making us stronger together. He experiences a certain form of unity in Solar. You always know that your colleagues are there to help you. Also, he appreciates the way new ideas are received and how quickly words can be turned into action. At the end of the day, what motivates him is to see our customers’ appreciation for the improvements and initiatives that the team is working with. Cables and cable management is Claus’ passion, and at Solar, he is able to work with the area in a very broad sense, meaning anything from sourcing and supplier collaboration over product management to digital sales. In contrast to the very digital nature of his work and being in an office all day, Claus enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and camping with his family and has ‘sort of’ become addicted to going hunting since getting his hunting permit a couple of years ago😊

Commercial Service Manager Jacob Nordquist Horn

Jacob Nordquist Horn is Commercial Service Manager at Solar. He drives the development of Solar’s portfolio of services for our customers. He is particularly proud of the equipment rental platform, Solar Rental, which he has developed together with our partner NetHire. The platform provides the contractors with the possibility to rent tools that they don’t use very often or equipment that is really expensive to buy. At the same time, the contractors that own the equipment can make some extra money on renting it out instead of it collecting dust in the stockroom. This form of sharing economy is a win-win solution, which Jacob believes that we will see much more of in the B2B segment the coming years. He has especially enjoyed being part of the journey from the idea being born to launching a fully fledged solution that creates value for our customers every day. Jacob is motivated by teamwork and working together on creating great results for a customer, a colleague or a project. He loves the agile nature of our day-to-day business and the freedom that is typical Solar. You get the chance to develop and work with your ideas – as long as they create value for the customers.

Senior Solution Specialist Rasmus Krogh

As Senior Solution Specialist, Rasmus Krogh is responsible for introducing new features into Solar’s webshop and for ensuring the quality of his team’s work. The team is very dependent on each other and it is essential that they work together on finding the best solutions. Rasmus believes that it is important not just to stick to the way you are used to doing things but constantly strive to improve. Part of his job is to help define the way they work so that the team can perform at maximum capacity. Thus, he and his team make constant efforts to optimise their work processes to make them as smooth and unobtrusive as possible. He is motivated by being able to make a difference for his colleagues - either by helping with a specific challenge or just by lending an ear as they talk themselves to the solution. His colleagues are by far the best thing about his job. Some of his closest friends are the people he works with every day, which is something he has never experienced elsewhere. In his spare time, Rasmus likes to challenge his analytical mind with different puzzles and strategic board games.

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  • Dare to believe in yourself
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