As a Solar employee, you’ll be in company with 3,000 can-do people who believe in the power of yes

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We have 3,000 can-do people who believe in the power of yes. And if you’re blessed with the same drive and initiative, you’ll fit right in. Whatever our customers ask for and whenever they ask for it, we deliver. That goes for the way we treat each other, too.

The give and take

In this highly competitive market, we ask a lot of our employees because we know they can deliver. Naturally, we also expect our employees to ask a lot of us when it comes to their professional and personal development.

What we expect
As an employee in Solar, you will be part of a company where action speaks louder than words.
In short: We are interested in what you can do and when you can make it happen. This means that your ideas, your efforts and your dedication are what will ultimately decide if you make it here.

We're looking for of-course-we-can people

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Solar - a diverse tribe of people

K-G Brattfors, Market Manager, electrical installation

"We’re good at spotting changes in the market, so that we can stay ahead. Our digital and logistics solutions like Solar Mobile and Solar Fastbox are proof that we are first movers."

Meet K-G
Lars Lange Andersen, Sales Manager, Industry

"I always make a point of reminding my staff that practice makes perfece and it's okay to fail. That's how you get better."

Meet Lars
Jamilla Tindhof Skytte, Analyst, Group Sourcing

Jamilla started out as a student worker, cracking numbers for the Aarhus sales department but went on to a permanent position which is split between the sourcing and master data departments

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