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Panel building

Do you want efficient procurement?

We help your business gain a more efficient and competitive purchasing process, thanks to our knowledge of trends, regulations and standards as well as product options and quality requirements within panel building

When safety and optimisation matters

Working with Solar you have access to a competent team of industry experts, who will help you meet the regulations and standards applicable within panel building, while aiming to streamline your processes.

CE marking and machine safety
CE marking is a certification that has to be applied to a variety of industrial products. Manufacturers or importers (if imported from outside the EU) use CE marking to indicate that products comply with the requirements of any relevant directives in the areas of safety, health and the environment. Together with our partners, we have extensive expertise and experience in the field of machine safety, and we enjoy updating machine and panel builders on our services, solutions, and high-quality products.

Improving and optimising your business processes
We're able to help you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). We want to be your business partner and help you design efficient operational processes. We offer you insight into how our custom solutions and the use of the right materials and services can save you significant resources.

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Ordering made simple

In Solar Webshop, you can place orders, create offers and barcodes, view documents, find pricing information and perform extensive search in our big product database. In short, we have done our best to make ordering as simple and personalised as possible

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Case: Why Elpa chose Solar

Thinking long-term
“We need a supplier who thinks about more than just products”, says Jørgen Almelid, day to day manager of Elpa AS in Bergen, Norway.

The company makes control panels and distribution boards and they especially focus on solutions for the naval market, the industry and land based distribution. The panels are used in housing projects, within industry and for commercial use when building tunnels and ships.

“Long-term relations are important to us. So we are happy to see that people at Solar Norge are forthcoming and creative. They are not only concerned about products. If we face issues out of the ordinary, we get some fine feedback and support in finding the best solution”, says Jørgen Almelid, day to day manager of Elpa AS.

Quick delivery is key

What most of Elpa’s projects have in common, is a really short deadline. “Many of our customers expect fast delivery. It is a challenge to us panel builders to get the materials we need in time. At the same time, we don’t want a large inventory because we risk getting stuck with the products”, says Almelid.

Unique concept to panel builders

Solar Norge has created a unique concept targeting panel builders who want a partnership that entails more than just buying products. The customers will experience more efficient logistics, competitive prices and a simplified purchase process.

Some products and services are not available in all countries. Here you can see which countries support panel builders