more than just a wholesaler

Tailored solutions that make the difference

We are a sourcing and services company within Installation and Industry. This means that we source products on your behalf and based on your needs.
We not only deliver exactly the right products, but we do it the next morning or within an hour.

We constantly work to create efficient solutions that contribute to a more sustainable workday around the world.

Save time, money and worries


Our concepts are designed to meet your exact needs. Whether you want products that give you more for less, if you need high-quality materials or if you’re looking for someone with specialised knowledge within lighting.
Tailored services and support


Get more time and avoid high costs, inefficiency and manual processes. Solar Services are tailor-made solutions that will optimise your work procedures when handling goods, inventories and transport.

Find your local Solar

Go to your local Solar business to learn more about what we can offer in your area in terms of products, concepts and services. 

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