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We offer tailored solutions

Is easy ordering on top of your wish list or are flexible deliveries all you need? We can help you with both! Our wide range of services are designed to make you work smarter and make your business more efficient

Exercise the sales muscle of your company and generate profit Danni Balzer Vinding, Manager, Solar School

Order on the go

Convenient ordering through easy-to-use digital tools gives you optimised efficiency and streamlines your business

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We meet your logistics needs

Solar fills up your stock when you want it, where you want it. We will take total control or get involved as little as possible if that's what you need

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Product range

We have designed several concepts in order to meet your exact needs. We want you to find the products that suit you. Do you want products that give you more for less? Are you in need of high-quality materials? Or are you looking for someone with specialised knowledge within lighting?

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Struggling with marketing?

Become part of a strong brand and minimise resources spent on reaching your customers

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Just a phone call away

Partner up with us and become a winner in your market. Get access to extensive technical knowledge

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Our different concepts are created based on the needs of our customers. This also means that they are constantly adjusted and developed.

The concepts make it easier for you to choose the right products and get the support you need. 

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Business specific solutions

We're active within a number of specific business areas where we can offer specialised services and professional support

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Exercise the most important muscle of your business

Learn how to do things smarter to increase your efficiency and thereby your competitiveness. You'll free up time to care for your customers

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