Solar Services

Why choose Solar Services?

We know logistics.
We know our customers and their needs.
We know the requirements in your industry.

Trust and a strong partnership make the difference.

Trust and a strong partnership make the difference

Increase efficiency, reduce total costs

Reduce the emission of CO2 from your business

Free more time for profitable tasks


Time is a crucial factor for any business

Our customers would like more time and avoid high costs, inefficiency and manual processes. 

Solar Services are tailor-made solutions that will optimise your work procedures when handling goods, inventories and transport.

Solar Services make a difference.


The green transition

It is important to be environmentally conscious in all industries. According to the rules, you must comply with the environmental requirements when it comes to CO2 emissions, waste management, transport and reducing energy consumption.

We cannot solve all these challenges for you, but we can help you
the following areas:

• Less transport with planned delivery
• A reduction in waste management by removing unnecessary packaging
• Selection of products that benefit the green transition

Our services


Here, you will find all our services linked to distribution and flow of materials. Special delivery requirements are not a problem, and we make sure that your materials are delivered on time and exactly where they are needed.
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Special handling

Special handling covers everything within special packaging, labelling and preassembly. These services will optimise and improve the efficiency of your processes. Check them out and start saving time by tomorrow.
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Inventory management

Inventory management covers everything regarding the control and servicing of your inventory. We have a solution for all your required locations and this will help you free up capital as well as reduce transaction costs.
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Logistics solutions

Our logistics solutions contribute to efficient distribution, product flow and inventory management for your company. We deliver the goods the way you want, wherever you are! You get lower costs, more efficient inventory management and good traceability.
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We offer rental of both regular containers and special containers that meet your exact needs. We ship containers to construction sites where storage facilities are not available – for safe storage of different types of goods.
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Get access to a skilled support team so you can spend your time efficiently. We also offer efficient project management and special expertise in lighting calculations.
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Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a holistic way of viewing your business, which focuses on the total costs when making purchases. Instead of only focusing on the price of the materials we help you go through your entire chain. We help you create an optimum flow of materials with fewer suppliers, less stock and increased profitability.

With TCO you will get:

The optimum choice of products - we help you choose the most economical product alternative, meaning your "best buy"!

Optimised processes - consolidating your purchases through Solar will reduce your internal purchasing costs, meaning fewer supplier negotiations, purchase orders, goods receptions, invoices etc.

Less capital tied up in your stock - as your sourcing partner with a wide range of products in stock, we guarantee short delivery times, which will reduce your need for a local inventory.

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Training at Solar School

Trained employees are valuable

Whether a company ensures that its employees are qualified and have the necessary competences to meet the demands of tomorrow is a strategic choice. Solar School offers training in the following areas: 

- Industry and automation
- Project management and sales
- Security
- Climate and renewable energy

The courses are based on theory and practice and are available as class courses, online courses or webinars.

New knowledge will make your company grow.