Special handling

Special handling covers all our solutions around special packaging, marking and prefabrication. Services like these will support, optimise and strengthen the efficiency of your processes, leaving you time to grow your business.

Special handling

We understand that correct marking and packaging of materials can make your workday much more efficient. And we’re equipped to handle any special packaging, marking and prefabrication requirements you might have.

Spend time on what you do best
We will collect and deliver your materials in a way that makes the most sense for you and suits the project you’re working on. This will save time and ensure efficient handling and smooth assembly, as your entire process will be optimised, leaving you with more time for what you do best.

There might be local differences for the services in all countries. Go to your local site to find out more detailed information about the services in your country.

What’s in it for me?

  • Customised solutions that offer you time to be more efficient
  • Improve delivery processes to boost productivity
  • Reduce time spent on handling products after delivery


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Special Handling Solutions


For quicker installations, receive your products assembled by Solar

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Special Labelling

The right labelling makes your day easier.

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The ultimate solution within customised delivery.

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Customised solution reduces waste, saves time and improves efficiency


The Dutch installation contractor P. de Vries Installatietechnieken BV was commissioned for the installation work for phase 1 of East Tower, a building of 108 student housing studios in Leeuwarden, Holland. Together with Solar Sales and Sales Development, they were looking for a sustainable solution to supply the needed material and for assistance on simplifying the logistics process and limiting the waste flow on the construction site, reducing the use of paper, cardboard and plastic.

”We constantly need to become faster and cheaper. These are the demands we meet from our customers who are met with the same expectations. So in a country like Denmark, where various costs are higher, we need to run a more intelligent production. And that is what we wanted from our collaboration with Solar.” Karl-Peter Andersen, CEO of Selektro

Achieving optimum logistics with a TCO approach

Danish electronics company Selektro has accomplished a general performance improvement for the entire business, partly due to a supply chain solution from Solar. Today, the solution consists of a stock management system with approx. 1200 article numbers, Solar Kit deliveries for projects both here in Denmark and at their subcontractor in Poland.

The Solar Kit service, where materials of different sorts are packed in sensible wrapping and specially labelled, means that Selektro employees don’t waste time sorting the products. Everything is delivered so that it suits the project in question. This means that you can start the actual work much faster.

“We believe that the time of the installers is much better spent on assembling more products, than unwrapping materials”, says Karl Peter Andersen.

For instance, if Selektro is to fabricate certain panels or cabinets, which require 100 different components, then all 100 components are delivered as one kit under one article number. Instead of having to purchase them separately, place them on shelves and attach article numbers to them, this service saves them plenty of time and storage space.

Selektro also has a Solar Kanban solution which means that they can accomplish the jobs of the company with much fewer employees. Read more about Kanban under Inventory Management.

Preassembly by Solar

Preassembly means that we will assemble the components for you. So in stead of having for instance, a radiator delivered in parts, you’ll receive it ready for installation. 

Imagine an apartment building where you know just how many radiators you need and whether the thermostat should be placed to the right or left. You’ll save a bunch of man hours if the elements are delivered assembled, enabling you to move on quickly to other projects.


  • Reduce man hours on site
  • Optimise efficiency
  • Less disposal

Special labelling

This service means that you can have your deliveries marked and labelled according to your needs and specifications.

Marking and labelling are adjusted based on product type, place of delivery or other specifications. And this goes for materials from our central warehouses as well as special order goods.

Special labelling may also entail a certain quality of the label itself. For example, if you work on an offshore facility, the label needs to be resistant to both salt and water.


  • Simplified internal distribution with your own labels
  • Delivery contents are easy to deduct
  • Efficient goods reception


With SmartKit, you get exactly the materials you need for a specific project - no more, no less. You avoid loss of materials and when the kit is empty, the job is done. With the SmartKit being marked with the special yellow label, you also save time looking for you materials. You decide exactly what destination is written on the label, so it will end up with the right person.

Order your SmartKit directly in the webshop
You are in full control of what items the kit contains and when it should be delivered to the exact location where it is needed.
If ordered before 18:00 o’clock, you will get the kit the next morning by 7:00. Fast and simple.


  • All necessary materials gathered in one place. No more looking through different boxes to find what you need. 
  • Reduce loss of materials - the box arrives just in time to be used.
  • Easy digital ordering in our webshop. Plan your projects when it suits you.


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