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Rental services

We offer rental of container, cabinets and tools for your needs. Safe storage of your materials.

Rental of containers and tool cabinets

We offer both regular container and tool cabin rental for your exact needs. We ship containers to construction sites where you do not have storage facilities for safe storage of the goods.

Safe and secure storage for your projects
Maybe you have experienced the need for extra storage or a safe place to store your tools? At Solar we offer containers and tool carts rental. Whether it is on a short or long basis, we make sure you get the container in place where you want, and you can start filling up with what you need!

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Rental solutions

Trolley rental

Do you need temporary storage of tools or equipment at the construction site? We offer rental of lockable tool carts and cabinets. The tool trolley is manufactured in 3mm steel plate with a strong locking system that secures your tools and equipment safely.

Container rental

We place the container at an external location for delivery or as a storage location. Suitable for those who have a construction site without storage facilities. The container is placed in the desired location and you have the goods available when you need it, saving transport time and the working day will become more efficient.

Solar Tools rentals

Sometimes it's better to hire the tools for your projects. Maybe you need tools you usually don't use in your daily work? Contact us and we will help you.


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