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Solar strengthens competitiveness at Scanel International A/S

Scanel International August 31, 2018

For businesses operating in the supply chain of offshore wind turbines, keeping the time schedule is among the most crucial tasks. According to Scanel International A/S, a Danish offshore business with activities in more than 30 countries, even the slightest overrun has substantial consequences for a business’ earnings. 

“Our business is depending on the ability to do a perfect job within a very tight schedule. In this regard, one of the most important things, is that everything related to our logistics setup, e.g. ordering and delivery, is 100 percent in place. If there is an error in ordering, shipments, materials, or the delivery is delayed, we are at serious risk. It is simply fundamental to our business,” says Gert Balling, COO in Scanel International A/S.

Scanel International handles various tasks in the production line for the largest companies in the offshore wind energy industry. E.g. the installation of electrical components on the critical transition piece, the part that connects the wind turbine to its base. The transition pieces are mass-produced, and the components need to be installed within a short timeframe. If the time schedule is overrun, the total cost of the wind turbine grows rapidly, and the company risks fines, warranty cases etc. This also means that Scanel International needs a sourcing partner who can provide second-to-none reliability of delivery. 

“We need to work as lean as possible, and that’s why we’ve chosen to partner up with Solar on sourcing. We always have the right materials of the right quality at the exact right time, which secures our profitability and competitiveness,” Gert Balling says. 

Scanel International A/S was founded in 1991 and currently employs 300 people. 

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Bjarne TarpSales Manager