From incoming goods to SAP Specialist


Mathias Bang Madsen joined Solar's SAP team as Solution Specialist Trainee. He will be trained within Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), something he's familiar with from his work as a superuser and tester in a project involving implementation of EWM in all Solar's warehouses. He started his career with Solar in incoming goods, and will have SAP certificates and HD Part 1 after the specially adapted 3-year course.

"Mathias is a good candidate for the trainee programme," says Jesper Kjølby Larsen, Manager, Warehouse Management at Solar, who helped recruit Mathias from when the idea started, along with HR. "This trainee programme will help us retain the know-how we've accumulated within the organisation, including in projects and among superusers. There's no induction period to speak of, as they already know our processes and system. We can adapt their skills to train them in just what we need. And it's important that we can be agile in our work with IT, as its essential to be able to meet the requirements and needs of the future," states Jesper.

We asked Mathias about the trainee programme

Q: What do you like about working with SAP?

A: Solving problems and getting everything related to them to fit and make sense. Ensuring that an idea we've had and built works and, in doing so, ensuring smooth operation and getting the best solution for our customers.


Q: What do you expect from the course?

A: That I'll gain a lot of experience and know-how. And it's great to be allowed to try things out, even though you're relatively young and inexperienced.

Q: How would you describe the trainee course?

A: I like the alternation between theory and practice. Being able to work and study without being under pressure of having to do both at the same time is a big advantage. I've worked with the system at Solar before I started as a trainee, so I know the team and the processes, making it easy to get started. There's plenty to learn, which means it's good to get involved as early as possible.


Q: What's it like working at Solar?

A: Really good. You get out what you put in. You are given the chance to try things if you want to. This is a big company with subsidiaries all around the world and its fun to see how our colleagues in other countries use what we create. And I have some great colleagues!

New SAP trainees

Two new SAP trainees start in September: Mona Lisa Midtgaard Nielsen and Stine Plauborg, who will be trained in the SAP O2C sales process and SAP P2P purchasing processes respectively. The course runs for 9 months and is a combination of teaching in SAP and practical work in the SAP Logistics Team at Solar Group IT in Vejen. Read their thoughts below.
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An investment in the future: We train SAP specialists


It can be hard to find the employees you need. Competition for SAP personnel is fierce. The typical SAP specialist is aged 50-55, which means there will be a severe shortage in the market within a few years.

This made us create our own SAP trainee programme. A generational shift is coming, so this is among other things a sound investment in the future.