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Factory replaces gas with heat pump

The Danish paint and lacquer factory, Nowocoat, has replaced its old gas boiler with an industrial heat pump from ThermoNova. This change has led to better supply security, energy savings, and peace of mind.  


According to the former CEO, when gas prices were at their highest, it was not profitable to start production at Nowocoat in Kolding.  

“When we woke up in the morning, we didn’t know if gas cost 7 kroner or 25 Danish kroner per cubic meter, and that uncertainty was not pleasant,” he explains.  

Ole Enevold Jensen, now the Chief Strategy Officer at Nowocoat, was involved in the decision to replace the gas boiler with a heat pump. And even though it was a big investment, it was a good decision.  

“Supply security has doubled because we have both the heat pump and electric heaters, so if the heat pump fails for some reason, the electric heaters take over. If there were problems with the gas boiler before, the supply was completely shut down, resulting in production stoppage,” he says.  


The installation and advice were done in collaboration with Niels Dall from Dall VVS, who primarily works with industrial companies. ‘ 

“We are seeing more of our customers looking at how their profile should be outwardly in the future. They focus more on CO2 emissions, and their customers are also making more demands on them. The switch to heat pumps makes a big difference in the CO2 balance sheet, and it is an area that many people are asking for help with,” he explains.  

Nowocoat produces an ESG report annually, which includes reporting on their CO2 emissions.  

“Our goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 50 percent by 2030, and we are well on our way to achieving that now,” says Ole Enevold Jensen. 

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