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Solar Industrial Solutions is a specialised unit that works with design and sales of industrial heat pumps. We help you with the expertise you need in terms of inspection, project management, sales, design, drawing, implementation, technical support, application for subsidies and authority processing.


Why choose ThermoNova?

ThermoNova develops and delivers a distinctive type of modular heat pump, which enables large and energy-efficient heating solutions especially for industry, halls, warehouses and large office buildings. ThermoNova’s heat pumps are the obvious choice, both in new construction and in energy renovation as well as places where high temperatures above 70 degrees are required. The products are made in Denmark and run on propane, which typically gives a higher efficiency and low GWP.

Customer cases - ThermoNova


Folk high school reduces climate footprint

Sustainability is very important at Brandbjerg Folk High School – both as a main subject, in the kitchen and when the old buildings are to be renovated. The gas boiler has been replaced with a heat pump, and in the autumn, another heat pump will be connected to the system.
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Factory replaces gas with heat pump

The Danish paint and lacquer factory, Nowocoat, has replaced its old gas boiler with an industrial heat pump from ThermoNova. This change has led to better supply security, energy savings, and peace of mind.
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Solar is DALL VVS's professional partner

"I have a good dialogue with Solar, who helps with the dimensioning of systems and is a great partner for me. They are also present at my customers’ sites, which gives extra credibility when I have experts with me," says Niels Dall from DALL VVS.
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Danish hotel improves CO2 accounting

VejleFjord Hotel reduced their CO2 emissions by 1,000 tonnes in just three years. A large part of this is due to the switch from gas to heat pumps. An important step towards becoming CO2 neutral in 2030.
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Green transition in large Danish retailing group

Danish Salling Group invests in the green transition with heat pumps for all Netto supermarkets and their main warehouse in Germany. See how they lowered their CO2 emission by 510 tons per year with ThermoNova's products.
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Industrial heat pumps at ECCO

Danish shoe manufacturer ECCO has energy renovated their head office and warehouse in Tønder, Denmark. Fossil fuels have been replaced with energy from heat pumps, which emit significantly less CO2. A step towards the ambition of achieving energy neutrality at the group's headquarters by 2024.
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ThermoNova's products

Propane R290 air/water heat pumps - 110 kW-2.5 MW


The NOVA series’ cooling circuit is equipped with natural refrigerant propane gas. Propane has better thermodynamic qualities than synthetic alternatives, and you can thereby obtain a higher water temperature on the hot side as well as a higher COP.
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Industrial air/air heat pumps


With a low installation price, KITA Air is our customers’ preferred heating and comfort cooling system in large halls. The comfort exceeds traditional oil and gas heaters as well as water-borne systems on all fronts, among other things due to a good heat distribution and the combined heat/cooling function.
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About ThermoNova

ThermoNova is a Danish manufacturer of water-water, air-water as well as commercial and industrial heat pumps. Their main areas of expertise involve consultancy and solutions within:

• Geothermal heating systems for commercial and public buildings as well as smaller process assignments.

• Air-water heat pumps for commercial and public buildings as well as smaller process assignments.

• Slurry cooling with heat recovery in pig houses.

• Milk cooling with heat recovery on cattle farms.

• Industrial heat recovery as well as smaller district heating projects.

• Local heating systems in connection with subdivision of building sites.


A trustful collaboration with Solar and ThermoNova

A good partnership is based on trust and security. With us, you get a certified and experienced partner, where the quality is reliable. We of course comply with all applicable rules in the field of electricity, plumbing and cooling and have the following certificates:

Cooling certificate
ISO9001:2015 certified
F.Gas company approval Category I
Auth. Heating and plumbing contractor 

Solar A/S
Management system certificate
F.gas Certificate -  Category III + I


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