Partnership makes the difference

Climate & energy

Find everything you need to take on the growing market within climate and renewable energy. We work together with you on finding the right solution. We offer expert advice on ventilation, heat pumps and climate-friendly solutions, cooling and heating management, EV chargers and solar panels. We are your partner when you need guidance and when you want to improve your own skills.​

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Trust opens new opportunities

Electrician Ove Hansen was facing a new task with a certified sustainable building project. He did not know what exactly that meant, but he trusted that Solar was able to help him solve the task.

"Together with Solar, I could determine that the demands were actually easier to fulfil than I expected, and after doing this project, I now have the courage to take on similar sustainable building projects in the future," says Ove Hansen.


Solar Industrial Solutions

Solar Industrial Solutions is a specialised unit that works with the design and sale of industrial heat pumps. We provide you with the expertise you need in the areas of surveying, project management, sales, planning, design, drawing, implementation, technical support, subsidy applications and regulatory processing. In short: we help you throughout the entire process!

EV chargers

Whether you need an EV charger for private or commercial use, we help you find the right one.
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Heat pumps

Subsidy schemes and focus on the green transition increase sales of heat pumps and unlock a large business potential.
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Solar panels

We offer everything you need for installing solar panels - both for private homes and commercial buildings. Anything from panels, inverters and batteries to special tools - you name it, we've got it!
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We work with all aspects of ventilation, mechanical and natural. We help you with calculations, project planning and technical support, among others.
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Get a competitive edge with Solar School

With the green transition came new types of jobs; installation of heat pumps, EV chargers and solar panels. But traditional jobs within new construction is also affected now. Sustainable building directives and new legislation dictates a higher demand for product documentation witch affects you as an installer.
Solar School offers courses in all those aspects. What might seem like a complicated subject is turned simple with the right knowledge.
Stay on top of the market and make sure that you can say 'yes' to the growing market within Climate and Energy.

Focus on energy-efficiency and smart home solutions

We have gathered a selection of smart and energy-efficient solutions for your customer's green transition.
Take a walk through the house of inspiration to see where you can recommend your customers to upgrade their home - gaining both lowered energy costs and greater comfort.

Solar Zero

Choosing products from the Solar Zero assortment ensures you best-in-class product documentation, an EcoVadis certified supplier and great availability.


Sustainability - saving resources together

What does sustainability mean to Solar?
We want to be an enabler in the green transition.
Enable our customers to drive the green transition by implementing energy-optimising solutions.
But we have also raised our ambitions concerning our own operations, continuously working to lower our CO2e.