Get the skills and knowledge to succeed in the green transition

Say 'yes' to the new types of jobs that dominate the market.
With the courses from our Solar School, you'll know what EV charger is the best choice for your customer. How to install a heat pump. And be confident in what product documentation is required in certified construction.
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Whatever IT skills you need updated, simple or complex, we have the experts to help you out

Digital skills

Improve your sales skills

Increase customer satisfaction and generate a profit from long-term customer relations

Sales training

Increase competitiveness with the latest insight

When the market and products constantly change it is key to know what your customers want and need

Product training

Upgrade your skills

Solar School is our training provider. We offer both technical courses and sales and management training for technical contractors and tradesmen.

Insight, knowledge and customised teaching processes help our customers generate the results that make them succeed in their markets.




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Solar School is Solar's own training provider of technical, sales and leadership training. Check out the below links to see what is offered in your location.