Industry specific knowledge

Whatever profession or industry you're in, we offer tailored solutions to streamline your processes. In other words, we meet you where you are, to make your business more efficient. 

97% delivery reliability

Solar has extensive experience in logistics, and with our various logistics services we always find the solution that best suits our customer.
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150 000+ products

With an e-business share of more than 60%, it is clear that our customers value our digital platforms.
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25% extra value

An increasing number of businesses are realising the value of implementing smarter inventory solutions, consolidating suppliers, and customising logistics. We help our customers realise their potential.
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Meet industry demands

Food and beverage

Our services within the food and beverage industry covers everything within industrial processing of food.
An assortment that suits you

Panel builder

At Solar, we offer a wide assortment from a long range of A-brand suppliers.
No distance too great

Marine and offshore

We possess a high level of kompetences, a wide assortment and efficient logistic solutions within marine and offshore.


Optimizing delivery

Special handling

Our special handling services are made to make your day easier. For quicker installation, choose Preassembly and receive your products assembled by us. Or choose Solar Kit where we unwrap all the parts for a specific job and deliver the materials exactly where you need them on the construction site.
Smart Supply | Kanban

Inventory Management

Are you struggling to find an efficient inventory solution with the right inventory for your project? We can solve this for you with our Smart Supply | Kanban storage solution. The solution requires neither wi-fi nor software.
Our concepts

The choice is yours

We offer different product concepts, which are fitted to your exact needs. Whether you are after cost-efficient choices, high-quality goods or the best buy, we have labelled our products so that you will have an easier time choosing between them. Just like in the supermarket.


Wide product range and strong offers

All you need

Our product selection covers anything you need from security, EV chargers, tools, and sanitation to products for everyday use like cleaning supplies, printer paper, and disposable tableware.
Fast, scheduled or in kits

Delivery on your request

Set up the right flow of materials for your business. When you don't know what to expect Solar Fastbox is there within an hour. If you want to get started in the morning, night delivery makes sure you have what you need. For special tasks, you can benefit from our rental service. If you need us to handle your inventory, we can also do that.
Solar Light

A selection of specialised products

If your concern is lighting, we have the team of experts and a set of carefully picked out products for the job. We assist you no matter the scale of your project.