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Total Cost of Ownership

More control and better profitability



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Lower costs

Reduce waste, reduce administration and reduce costs - and get more time for your core business

More reliable deliveries

As a partner to you, we take responsibility for you having the right products in stock - when you need them. Enjoy a smoother everyday life and greater working capital.

Better overview

Many companies have poor control over their own purchases. We give you the insight and overview you need - and tell you when you can achieve better results.

More control and better profitability

We not only help you with the delivery of the right products - we can also help your company improve your business. By focusing on TCO, Total Cost of Ownership, you get better control while lowering your total costs. Contact us today to get an estimate of how much you can save.

What is TCO and how can it help you?

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a holistic way of looking at your business, where you focus on the total cost of your purchases. Instead of just focusing on the prices for material purchases, we help you review your entire chain. We help you create an optimal material flow with fewer suppliers, less inventory and increased profitability.

Three easy steps to get started

Getting started with TCO is not difficult. Any business can do that, and our team of experts will help you through the entire process.


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Together you make a calculation of what your company can save by focusing on TCO.

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The work begins with Solar's TCO team analyzing your business and your purchases to see which initiatives are most important.

Among other things, we come up with suggestions on how we can reduce the number of suppliers and optimize and streamline your stock.


Once we have found the way to proceed, your company should see concrete results of the work within a quarter.

You appoint a person in charge and we set common goals to work towards. Together with Solar, you have then quarterly adaption where we follow developments and ensure that you continue to go in the right direction.

“Many companies do not have the necessary overview of how they shop and how much costs the purchases entail in total. We can contribute that knowledge, which makes the company more efficient and profitable - while minimizing the environmental impact. ”

Lars Lange, TCO expert and sales director, MRO Solar


Tail Spend, small purchases with a big impact

C-items often account for a fifth of the company's purchasing costs - but for * 80% of the purchasing administration. We help you minimize the number of suppliers and deliveries of C-items, which often makes a drastic difference on the bottom line.

Test and you'll see.


When one supplier is enough

The Danish food producer Flensted has optimized its purchasing system together with Solar. By making the total cost (TCO) visible, increased transparency and better control have been achieved.
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SCADA strengthens competitiveness with specially packaged deliveries

SCADA International streamlines purchasing, production and accounting with Kitbox from Solar. The profit is so great that the company can wait to hire new employees, says COO Jens Vanting Bagger.
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Reduce your environmental impact

As transport is one of our climate culprits, TCO is an effective way to reduce the company's environmental impact. At Solar we have several smart delivery and logistics services that have been developed to optimize our customers' material flows.
Instead of receiving many small deliveries, you can get fewer and better planned shipments without unnecessary disposable packaging and redundant packaging. Overall, TCO will reduce your costs and above all make a difference to your climate footprint.

Smart Supply | Kanban

The Smart Supply | Kanban service is a solution for managing your inventory and making sure that items are available at all times.
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With the inventory management system VMI, you have the right product in the right place and time. You get a more efficient working day and lower costs - so that the daily operations become more profitable.
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Vending machine

Vending machines ensure transparent consumption and insight. They will minimize the time spent on goods ordering, goods receipt, invoicing and internal logistics.
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High quality at the right price

Covers up to 80% of your daily needs. Always at the right price and always in stock.
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Cables for any task

Professional cables at competitive prices.

Everything in lighting

Optimal lighting solutions for all types of projects.
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Construction projects made easy

With Solar Project, you get an efficient purchasing process for your projects.

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