Gain control of your inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory


VMI is an inventory management system which helps you gain control over your inventory and the availability of your own products, meaning that Solar does not own the products. The solution may be provided regarding both Solar products as well as your own products.
With VMI, we integrate a software with your company ERP system and/or your invoicing system.

A solution that suits you if:
you experience that essential materials are often out of stock, and in case of waste and a high amount of capital being bound to your inventory.
By getting a VMI solution based on a minimum and maximum inventory level defined in cooperation with Solar, you’ll gain a much better product flow and delivery guarantee. With automated stock-up orders and consolidation of shipments, you’ll get a more efficient business. You’ll gain full control and a lower cost level.


  • Lower cost of capital due to a more efficient inventory management process
  • Reduced risk of unintentionally stock-outs.
  • Lower administration cost as replenishment process will be done by Solar
  • Lower administration cost due to a reduction in backorders and returns
  • Ensure clients lower transaction and transportation costs due to consolidation 
  • Reduce overall complexity and risk in relation to the sourcing and storage process


A 3rd party logistics solution (3PL) is your perfect match if you would like to continue handling procurement and negotiations with your suppliers, but don’t have the actual logistics resources or warehouse capacities.

With this service, Solar is available as a dedicated logistics function with all the experience and expertise that you might require.

Solar already functions as an external logistics function for a range of companies. They all experience that the concept has made them more efficient and that it freed up ressources for more important and profitable tasks than warehouse management and administration of a long list of suppliers.

This service will suit you if your challenge is to find enough space for your materials or if the same article is placed in multiple locations. That makes it difficult to keep track of these articles and ensure that they are actually available when you need them.


  • You stay in control of the relation with your supplier
  • You gain access to extensive expertise within logistics and administration
  • You free up resources for value-adding projects
  • Achieve the optimum stockpile
  • No warehouse costs
  • Fast, accurate and flexible deliveries every time

Smart Supply | Kanban

The Smart Supply | Kanban service is a solution for managing your inventory and making sure that items are available at all times. Running out of materials may prevent you from doing your job – we don’t want that.

The solution is specially suited for items of which you have a high consumption, but less active materials may also be included. Smart Supply | Kanban is also known as a 2bin solution, where the same item is put in two boxes. When one of the boxes is empty, you put it on the top of the shelf and pull out the second box, ready for use. Then you scan the empty box and a new order is placed.

The solution may be established on shelves in an existing warehouse, but we can also set something up in a container on the construction site or in other types of inventories.

Here’s an example. A customer wants to get a better overview of his inventory as he often experiences running out of materials and he has lost track of what is actually in his warehouse.
So, the customer identifies the materials which should always be available and set them up with a minimum and maximum stock.
Solar sets up the inventory according to groups of items, marks all the boxes with labels, barcodes and amounts. A mercer from Solar then makes sure to keep the inventory running by scanning empty boxes and handling the refills. A visit from a mercer typically lasts for 1-2 hours and he will stop by every two weeks.


  • Availability 24/7 ensured
  • Reduced number of shipments and goods receptions
  • Better overview regarding inventory value as well as consumption of each item
  • Free up time as you don’t need to order materials

Case: Achieve cost savings in just 3 months

VEAB Heat Tech AB is the market leader in Europe when it comes to heating solutions and ventilation systems. And they had a lot to gain once they dared letting Solar take control.

A 30 year partnership entails a profound trust, which VEAB used to improve their business. For instance, daily manual tasks were now automated which meant that the freed up time could be spent on more value adding processes.

These integrated IT solutions for intelligent warehouse management are perfect for industrial companies.

We trust Solar and we don’t need to supervise such a reliable supplier Lars M. Nilsson, Procurement Manager
Number of orders reduced by


Deliveries reduced by


Capital bound in inventory reduced by


Case: How Nilfisk optimised their warehouse management

The industrial company Nilfisk Food chose to outsource their warehouse management to Solar. The result is a much more streamlined warehouse. The solution contributed to a reduction of internal consumption of resources by monitoring stock and automatically order more products before the stock ran out. Nilfisk Food has reduced their stockpile with a third, which equals annual savings of approx. DKK 100,000.

Read the case here

Annual savings of approx. DKK 100,000