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Vending machines

Inventory control 24/7

Vending machines are stock management tools that provide increased control, reduced consumption of goods, optimized operation and reduced risk of downtime.

The machine can hold everything from tools, batteries, spare parts, HSE equipment, chemicals and risk products.

Get a complete overview of inventory, consumption and wastage.

The vending machine ensures transparent consumption and insight. It will minimize time spent on ordering, handling, invoicing and internal logistics.

Traceability, availability and ease of use are at the key elements of this solution.

The machine is easy to use, and it will easily be adapted to different needs. Start-up and implementation will run smoothly with expert guidance .

The use of vending machines will immediately give you an overview of costs, consumption, wastage and stock. Go from a reactive to a proactive storage operation!


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Contact Customer Logistics Manager Jesper Grøning Andersen
at +45 76 52 73 04 or per email. 


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One simple solution, technically advanced!

A profitable and adaptable solution for optimizing stock and logistics. The vending machines are rented for a period of 3-5 years. Which means that you do not have to tie up capital and you will spend less on administration.

The vending machines can easily be integrated with existing software solutions or delivered as a cloud-based solution. Our unique software ensures complete traceability of all transactions. Charging stations can be installed in the various sections for charging tools etc.




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Vending Machine provides access to products, spare parts and critical components

Use of vending machines provides benefits such as:

Time effectiveness

  • Goods are always available 
  • What you need when you need it
  • Reduced risk of unnecessary downtime
  • Reduced time spent on internal logistics
  • Simplifies the working day both operationally and administratively

Reduced costs

  • Provides a complete overview of consumption and waste
  • Optimizes inventory based on actual use with automatic flow systems for re-orders using VMI
  • Provides an audit trail of issued goods
  • Lower inventory costs 

Less stock management

  • Full control of access to products and user pattern
  • Overview on tools that are shared
  • Streamlined operations by allowing electric tools to be charged during storage
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Provides increased inventory management

Get started!

The process of implementing the vending machine solution starts with a survey of wishes and needs. What should it be used for? What is the purpose? Based on this, we outline a solution that implements the result of the analysis.

expensive tools, consumables, HSE equipment, spare parts, batteries, chemicals, risk products, charging options etc. are areas that the machine can be used for. Together, we agree on the type of machine, location, content, solution for replenishing goods, access and design.

The time estimated for analysis of needs is 1-2 weeks, installation 1-2 days plus the actual delivery time.


What we need from you:
• Location, number and system
• Product List
• Consumption data

We provide a smooth and professional process by:
• Element Configuration
• Machine Customization
• Navigation related to card reader
  selection and access
• Installation and training
• Replenishment

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Some of our most popular models:






Model: Supply Locker

  1. This machine is often used for PPE, rental tools, calibration tools such as shoes, helmets, gloves and power tools. 

The machine will be configured according to customer needs. 

  • It has both touch panel and card reader as an alternative. 
  • The company's employee card can also be used. 
  • The machine consist of 9-27 cabinets.
  • Cabinets with enough space for larger parts.
  • It is also available with rechargeable cabinets. 
  • The FIFO principle. 
  • Windows for cabinets as an option. 
  • Connection to the Solar VMI system.
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Model: Rotopoint

This vending machine is used for PPE, MRO, chemicals and tools such as lubricants, glasses, gloves, masks, tools etc. 

The machine is configured according to the customers' needs.

  • It has both a touch panel and a card reader as an alternative.
  • The company's employee card can be used. 
  • The machine is available in 6 versions. 
  • Up to 468 locations.
  • The chambers can be expanded.
  • Manual override in case of failure. 
  • Bundle withdrawal for security. 
  • Connection to the Solar VMI system.
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Model: Level 28

Often used on MRO articles such as batteries, tools, glue, knives etc.

Configured according to customer needs. 

  • Comes with touch panel and card reader. 
  • The company's employee card can also be used. 
  • Over 29 different drawer sizes.
  • 26 rows with max 104 locations.
  • Maximum 1248 rooms.
  • Reconfiguring trays is possible.
  • Check up to 10 units. 
  • Connection to the Solar VMI system.
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Model: ModuloGen2

  • High capacity
  • Solid drawer system
  • Multiple drawer sizes
  • Flexible and easy to reconfigure
  • On-screen keyboard
  • Secure sections
  • User-friendly design
Want to know more?

Cabinets for every need

There are different cabinet doors for the different sections. Choose between glass or without glass, with or without lighting. It is also possible to choose cabinets with charging possibilities. This is very useful if you rent out or share electrical tools.

Customize the section

Choose the right tray for your needs. Whether you need many small drawers or large ones. There are countless drawer sections to choose from. Together we find the drawers that suits you best.

User-controlled access

The vending machine is a safe storage place for chemicals, risk equipment and . The sections can be supplied with both touch panel and card reader. The solution makes it possible to control user access and get an audit trail in relation to user behaviour. The company's own employee card can be used. It is possible with bundle withdrawal for security.

Our vending machine solution is often combined with additional services such as:

Total Cost of Ownership – TCO

What is TCO?

A TCO approach will ensure that you take all costs in connection with purchasing and consumption into consideration when taking steps to bring down total costs. This may involve e.g. streamlining of administrative processes, changes to the logistics setup and consolidation of suppliers with a view to ensuring sharp purchase prices on the most important products.

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VMI:Take control of inventory

Using vending machines along with our inventory management solution VMI ensures complete traceability of all transactions and gives you answers to who, what, where, when, and why.

The vending machines minimize operating costs and can reduce consumption by up to 40%.

Always full control and overview.

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EDI: Integration with Solar

Integrate your purchasing systems with Solar for more streamlined processes. With EDI you get an efficient data exchange that increases security and minimizes the risk of manual errors.

An effective and secure exchange of information.


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