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No more buying: Large installation customer will rent all their tools

August 17, 2018    ยท    Solar A/S

Denmark’s largest installation contractor Kemp & Lauritzen choose a new approach to their fitters’ tools. In future, everything will be rented through Solar. This entails a number of advantages for customers, employees as well as increased productivity.


At Kemp & Lauritzen they are done with storing their own tools. Together with Solar and Nethire they make their tools available via an app, in which the fitters can rent the equipment they need. – It’s first and foremost an advantage for our customers, Kemp & Lauritzen state.


- This agreement means that we can spend our time and skills in a smart way at the customers’. Our employees avoid wasting time on getting new tools and replacing broken tools. And this is a huge advantage for our customers, who will get more value out of our technicians, says René Lund Rasmussen, manager of technical services at Kemp & Lauritzen.


Going forward, all fitters will get a toolbox and a power drill from Solar. The rest must be rented via the app. The purpose is to increase efficiency and utilise resources better, explains Solar, who is behind the agreement.


- In a time where it’s difficult to find qualified manpower, we need to get more out of the employees we have. They should not have to work more or faster, but smarter. Digital solutions and strong logistics are some of Solar’s specialities. That is why it makes perfect sense to have us manage the practical part, so that the fitter is able to prioritise his time with the customer, says Søren Sørensen, regional manager at Solar.


Kemp & Lauritzen is Denmark’s largest installation contractor with more than 2,000 employees across the country.

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