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Minuba enters the Netherlands

NEWS May 17, 2018

Minuba establishes company in the Netherlands and is now ready to support the Dutch craft and service industry

Craft and service companies in the Netherlands have their eyes on leveraging digital tools to make their businesses more profitable. Therefore, Minuba has established a local Dutch company to strengthen its local presence and support activities in the country. The mission is to make it possible for locally based construction companies in the Netherlands to operate a professional profitable business on a foundation of a solid and future-proof digital tool for order and case management. 

“Minuba is ready to enter the Dutch market, where we will help craft and service companies to streamline and digitise the operation of their business. Therefore, Minuba has established a company in the Netherlands headed by Gert-Jan Jense”, informs Casper Hassø Nielsen, CEO of Minuba. 

The Netherlands experiences the same challenges

Minuba is already one of the most significant companies on the Danish market for online digital tools in the construction sector. Minuba supports craftsmen in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and the expansion in the Netherlands is a natural next step due to the similarities in the construction sectors in the different countries.

"Most self-employed craftsmen start small. A company car, some proper tools and a few customers is what it takes to get started. However, when there are suddenly several tasks on the agenda, it's time to hire more people to take care of all the cases and grow the company,” Casper Hassø Nielsen explains.

The question is how many employees a company can manage without a good and well-integrated system for online case and order management? And how many internal calls and messages do you need to make sure that the work is done properly and according to plan? Quite a lot, is a good suggestion. Therefore, it is important for the business owner to invest in an online case and order management system to help grow and handle administrative work involved in running a professional business, emphasises Casper Hassø Nielsen, adding:

“And, whether it is in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands or other countries, a case and order management system is important to run a profitable business.”

Solar currently owns 20 percent of Minuba. Minuba specialises in online job and resource management with a keen focus on operational development and optimisation for installers, builders and construction contractors. At the same time, their software allows for integration with a number of invoicing, accounting and finance systems which help to make the workday run smoothly. Consequently, this investment underpins improved productivity in our services business.


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