Product range

Lighting, cables and installation materials

We can get you anything in lighting fixtures and luminaries along with the possibility to get the advice and expertise, including choice of fixtures, lighting design, courses and the calculation system Dialux. We’re on top of the latest technologies and provide a wide variety of installation materials from leading suppliers and manufacturers. We cover your daily need for switches and sockets as well as more sophisticated products in relation to intelligent building systems. We’re also able to cover your need for special cables with individual requirements due to our collaboration with a number of suppliers throughout Europe

Communication and security

We have products and solutions for everything from large installations to urban networks and customised solutions for home switches, UPS and antenna equipment for telephony. In relation to video surveillance, burglar alarms, fire alarms and access control systems we have the equipment, accessories and expertise you need

Heating and sanitary products, pipes and fittings

We offer all kinds of valves in various dimensions along with anything you require in heat pumps and circulation pumps. We have solar panels and electricity, wood, and pellet boilers, etc. Furthermore, we offer products for bathrooms and kitchens as well as small or large pipes of steel, copper and plastic for any purpose along with products for mounting and supporting the pipes. You can also get drainage systems, cable protection systems, floor drains, cold-water pumps, hoses and insulation

Solar Plus is always your best buy

No more spending time on searching for the cheapest and best products. We have done that for you! Solar Plus is your security of price, quality and delivery - available with just a couple of clicks in our web shop

Covers 80 % of your daily need

Solar Plus is a handpicked selection of the most frequently used products, which will cover up to 80 % of your daily needs. It includes both electrical and heating and plumbing materials that we have chosen in close collaboration with our suppliers. It is your guarantee for competitive prices on high-quality products and safety of delivery

Easy to find in Solar Webshop

The Plus products are clearly marked In Solar Webshop, which will quickly guide you in the right direction when you are on the hunt for best buy products

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