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100 years

In 1919, Jacob Jørgensen founded Solar. This year, we celebrate our anniversary by publishing historical articles each month.

Stay tuned to find out how a young, determined entrepreneur founded Solar a 100 years ago, and how it evolved into the digital sourcing and services company we know today.

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Charlotte Risskov Kræfting
Director, Stakeholder Relations
(+45) 79 30 02 57

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Financial calendar 2019

1 Feb Shareholders’ deadline for submitting proposals for the agenda for the annual general meeting
7 Feb Annual Report 2018 is published - audiocast at 11:00 am CET
15 Mar Annual general meeting at 11:00 am CET
8 May Quarterly Report Q1 2019 is published - audiocast at 11:00 am CET
8 Aug Quarterly Report Q2 2019 is published - audiocast at 11:00 am CET
31 Oct        Quarterly Report Q3 2019 is published - audiocast at 11:00 am CET

IR quiet periods 2019

Start date   End date
10 January - 7 February
4 April - 8 May
4 July - 8 August
4 October - 31 October

Financial highlights

Summary for the Solar Group from 2014-2018

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Quarterly figures

Figures from Q2 2019

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Corporate governance

We exercise sound management, transparency for shareholders and other stakeholders as well as efficient risk management

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Investing in Solar is investing in the green transition

Solar believes in productivity improvement, digitalisation and networked development. We support our customers in developing energy-efficient solutions, reducing waste and optimising logistics based on strong digital platforms.


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Alexander Borreskov
Tel: +45 32 88 04 63
Email: alexander.borreskov@carnegie.dk

Danske Bank
Kristian Tornøe Johansen
Tel: + 45 45 12 80 59
Email: kjoha@danskebank.com

Simon Blok
Tel: +45 55 46 56 43
Email: simon.moller.blok@nordea.com

Yiwei Zhou
Tel: +45 33 28 33 08
Email: yiwei.zhou@seb.dk


Solar's shares

Solar’s share capital is divided into nominal value DKK 90 million A shares and nominal value DKK 646 million B shares.

The A shares are not listed. The B shares are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen under the ID code DK0010274844, and are designated SOLAR B, and form part of the MidCap index and MidCap on Nasdaq Nordic.

The share capital includes 900,000 A shares and 6,460,000 B shares. Solar’s portfolio of treasury shares totals 61,708 B shares or 0.8% of share capital.

A shares have 10 votes per share amount of DKK 100, while B shares have one vote per share amount of DKK 100.

Distribution of share capital and votes based on the latest public information

  Share capital Votes
The Fund of 20th December
Vejen, Denmark
16.9% 60.0%
RWC Asset Management LLP
London, England
15.8% 7.5%
Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker A/S
Copenhagen, Denmark
10.8% 5.1%
Nordea Funds Oy, Danish Branch
Copenhagen, Denmark
10.7% 5.1%
FIL Limited
Pembroke, Bermuda
5.3% 2.5%