Working together for a green transition

We work closely with our customers to strengthen and support the decarbonisation journey, and our Science Based Targets initiatives (SBTi) have been approved and are aligned with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C objective.

Our mid-term target is to reduce our CO2e emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 65% by 2026. Our ambition is to become net-zero in our own operations and to reduce our emissions across the value chain (scope 3) by 25% by 2030.

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How we work with sustainability

Every action and every decision makes a difference. Therefore we have three strategically anchored initiatives to strengthen our approach to sustainability and support the global ESG agenda in partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees.


New afforestation project with 1.5 million trees

We have acquired 677 hectares of land in Latvia. Our ambition is to afforest 430 hectares with 1.5 million trees within the next three years. We don’t just talk, we act! And we have already established a forest of 116,000 trees near our headquarters in Denmark.


Large investment in new forest and biodiversity in the Region of Southern Denmark

"In collaboration with the Danish business foundation Hedeselskabet, we will initially convert 38 hectares of agricultural land into a completely new forest in Vejen, starting May 2023. We will plant approximately 115,000 trees divided between 35 percent deciduous and 65 percent coniferous trees. We want that combination to get a forest that takes both climate and environment into consideration. Coniferous trees have approximately 65 percent greater CO2 absorption compared to deciduous trees, which on the other hand have a large effect on biodiversity," says Director Sustainability Mette Bredkjær from Solar and continues:

"Both the forest and its operation will be certified with the global labelling system FSC. Our intention with the acquisition of agricultural land is to invest in the climate and environment through afforestation, forest improvement and increased biodiversity, which will benefit us all".


Net-Zero in 2030

Our target is to become Net-Zero in our own operations by 2030 and to reduce our CO2e by 25% across the value chain.

To govern an accountable business is key, because we believe accountability is the best starting point to improve our contribution to the green agenda. Therefore, we have formalised our commitment through a strategy founded upon transparency. We work with recognised NGOs and measure ourselves against international benchmarks. Living up to ethical and corporate guidelines matches our ambition to be an accountable and responsible company.


Our targets​

In 2023, emissions from our own operations decreased by 24% compared to base year 2020
Our mid-term target is to reduce our CO2e emissions by 65% by 2026.

We have set a range of targets to be reached by the end of 2026. They make up part of our commitment to do better and to evolve as a company. You can follow our progress and read about our initiatives on this page.

Investing in Solar is investing in the green transition

Solar believes in productivity improvement, digitalisation and networked development. We support our customers in developing energy-efficient solutions, reducing waste and optimising logistics based on strong digital platforms.
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You make the difference

If you're interested in helping us on our journey towards a more sustainable way of doing business, please check out our jobs available on the career site. Together we make the difference.
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Enabling the green transition

In our subsidiaries, we had a theme revolving around energy-saving products, efficient services and courses on sustainable solutions. Gathered in one place to make it easier for our customers to enter the energy transformation that their industry is affected by.
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Environmental management system (EMS)

Interested in our certificates regarding quality and environment?
Here, you'll find links to our certificates in our respective subsidiaries.

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