We govern an accountable business because we believe accountability is the best starting point to improve a joint contribution to the green agenda. Therefore, we have formalized our commitment in a strategic focus on leading with transparency.


Collaboration with EcoVadis will ensure a responsible value chain

With more than 3,000 suppliers, we have a responsibility to ensure green initiatives and social responsibility in the value chain. As the first sourcing and services company, we have expanded that focus with a collaboration with EcoVadis. They provide a unique tool for risk management and evaluating the sustainability performance of suppliers.

"We see the collaboration with EcoVadis as a step towards engaging our suppliers more. It is an area we take very seriously and which we are willing to invest our time and effort to stay in control of," says Group Sourcing Manager, Katarina Jönsson.

As part of the collaboration, the sustainability risk assessments from EcoVadis will form the basis for action plans with the individual suppliers regarding improvements. "Worst case scenario, they will give us some guidance on who we should avoid doing business with," says Katarina Jönsson.

Supplier Engagement Programme

We want to be sure that the product we offer have been produced and transported in an ethical manner. Therefore, our suppliers have agreed to our Code of Conduct
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Sustainability Policy

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Our whistle-blower set-up invites internal and external stakeholders to expose any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct.
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We lead with transparency

To govern an accountable business is key, because we believe accountability is the best starting point to improve our contribution to the green agenda. Therefore, we have formalised our commitment through a strategy founded upon transparency. We work with recognised NGOs and measure ourselves against international benchmarks. Living up to ethical and corporate guidelines matches our ambition to be an accountable and responsible company.