Every day, we approach climate and energy issues with a commitment to long-term changes. And we seek to take advantage of our unique opportunity to work closely together with our customers and suppliers, capturing the growing green potential. We do that by supplying resource efficient solutions, placing demands on our suppliers, and educating our customers.


Investment in forest and biodiversity

We have planted 116,000 trees near our headquarters in Vejen, Denmark, in collaboration with the Danish business foundation Hedeselskabet. Both the forest and its operation are certified by two internationally recognised certification systems. Our intention with the acquisition of agricultural land is to invest in the climate and environment through afforestation, forest improvement and increased biodiversity, which will benefit us all.

FSC certificate
PEFC certificate


Solar acquires Danish heat pump manufacturer ThermoNova

On 1 March 2023, Solar acquired 51% of ThermoNova A/S, which manufactures and supplies high-capacity heat pumps. The investment should accelerate the green transition of both small and large companies.

“The need for energy-efficient solutions is rapidly increasing. As a company we have a desire and an obligation to be a part of the green transition. ThermoNova delivers unique solutions with great potential, and they will strengthen our position as a company within climate and energy solutions”, says CEO Jens Andersen.


Saving 13 tons of plastics

We have an ambition to reduce packaging materials and in particular the use of plastics. In a dedicated effort, our subsidiary Solar Polska saved almost 13 tons plastics in 2023 in their warehouse, equivalent to about 64% reduction based on various initiatives:

  • Extending foil up to 400% with a foil wrapping machine
  • Reusing cut-up cardboard boxes instead of plastic for fillers
  • Using packing tape instead of wrapping up pallets with foil
  • Using paper instead of plastic tape

Other waste saving initiatives include:

  • Use of wood reduced by 36% - by reusing disposable pallets and drums
  • Use of paper reduced by 56% - by reusing cardboard boxes more efficiently, and cutting up unusable boxes for use as filler in boxes

All of these initiatives support Solar’s commitment to a 25% reduction of CO₂e emissions in scope 3 by 2030.


Green Fastbox

Fastbox is a greener transport option compared to when the installer goes to collect the goods himself. The installer can reduce his CO2 emissions by 20% every time he orders a Fastbox delivery.

We continuously work with our carriers to use electric cars or bicycles for deliveries when distance and capacity make it possible. Fastbox is therefore not only a time-saving delivery solution, but a simple measure to reduce CO2 emissions.

This is efficiency and sustainability at its best!


Solar Zero

Solar Zero is the name of a product portfolio within climate and renewable energy. These products are selected with the ambition of achieving best-in-class transparency and responsibility.

Knowledge is key. We guide our customers in the right direction in a constantly changing market, by providing the right- and winning product combination.

Partnership makes the difference.



From an environmental perspective, no packaging is the best packaging. But sometimes it can be practical to have something to put the goods in. We offer several different alternatives to the traditional plastic bag.

We have already replaced the plastic bag as an initiative to reduce our plastic consumption. Customers receive a paper bag or may ask for the blue Solar bag, which is made from 90% recycled plastic and can be used over and over again.