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We care with respect

'Stronger together' is more than just a payoff. It is a feeling. It is our culture. We take care of Solar, and Solar takes care of us. Together we can take care of the environment and society.


Solar Family

This is how we take care of our own. This is where you see that 'stronger together' is more than just a payoff. It is a feeling. It is our culture.

In Solar, we have a grant programme named Solar Family, which was initiated by the founding family of Solar. Descendants of our founder Jacob L. Jørgensen make up the board of The Fund of 20th December, who is behind the initiative.

The programme provides financial aid to employees, who find themselves in a life crisis. This could be unforeseen accidents in life such as death, critical illness or accidents followed by serious consequences for the employee or someone in their immediate family. Our very own safety net.

We take care of Solar and Solar takes care of us.



We aim to increase diversity in Solar. We know it will benefit our company, performance and society. However, it is a difficult task, and we still do not have the perfect solution. But we have the ambitions. And we would love you to be a part of our journey, starting today. To us, ”stronger together” is not empty words. We genuinely believe that our differences will be a force. That is why we strive towards 25 percent of women in our top management within 2025. The purpose is to make us an even stronger company in the future.

We are not changing anything just by talking about it

He is a part of Solar’s Executive Board in a male dominated industry. But at home, men are highly under-represented. Meet Chief Commercial Officer Hugo Dorph, who is passionate about digital business development and about being a dad of four girls. He is also ambassador for diversity in Solar.

Solar School turns knowledge into progress

We see it as part of our responsibility to keep developing the skills and competencies of our customers by sharing the knowledge that we possess through our dedicated employees and our Solar Schools. Knowledge will drive the green transition.

We have a target that by 2023, 2,000 participants should have completed courses in renewable solutions at our schools. The focus on training is intended to improve our customers’ expertise in climate and energy solutions.

Renewable energy courses cover EV chargers, heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, ventilation and sustainable knowledge.