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Having Solar as a business partner, you’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge about the food and beverage industry in Europe. We offer you market insights, dedicated market access and a global approach for you to conquer your market.

High quality standards

Working in the food industry, you know the importance of being able to ensure top quality in food and hygiene. We provide easy access to a wide range of best-in-class products and services to ensure that you meet the demands of the industry.

Optimised processes

You’ll reduce your total cost of ownership, as we design efficient operational processes together with you. You’ll get access to our custom solutions and insights on how the use of the right materials and services can save you significant resources.

Better food safety

The safety of products for consumers is a key consideration in the industry. The quality of the organisation and facilities are critical factors, and safeguarded by regulations and standards such as HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000 and GMP. We work closely with our customers on enhancing food safety through several quality systems and have extensive expertise in products, systems and services that contribute to quality control in a structured manner.

Do you always have the right products in stock?

With Smart Inventory solutions from Solar you will. We have supplied the food industry with electrical and automation products for more than 30 years. We know the importance of keeping a stable production with high quality and reduced downtime.

On top of this, we have more than 215,000 different products in stock, spanning everything from lighting fixtures and tools to the most commonly used spare parts to keep your production and business up and running. In Solar Webshop, you’ll find both leading brands and Solar Plus Best Buy products.

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Realise the potential in your business and improve efficiency with our services

Get access to a wide range of services that cover innovative and best-in-class initiatives and services that fit the food industry’s purchasing processes and timely deliveries.

You’ll be better equipped for reacting to updated requirements and changing demands within your industry. Further, you will get a partner that provides high-quality products, timely delivery, consultancy, service, and knowledge.

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How Nilfisk Food optimised their warehouse management


The industrial company Nilfisk Food chose to outsource their warehouse management to Solar. The result is a much more streamlined warehouse. During the past years, Solar has managed warehouse control, which contributed to a reduction of internal consumption of resources by monitoring stock and automatically order more products before the stock ran out. As a result, Nilfisk Food has reduced their stockpile with a third, which equals annual savings of approx. DKK 100,000. They also improved their delivery performance to 98% compared to previously 80-85%, caused by products in back order.

Furthermore, time spent in the warehouse decreased, which meant that the employees could spend their time more efficiently. The positive effects of the change are also felt in the accounts department. Now, they experience a lesser need for invoice control whereas previously, Nilfisk Food needed to keep track of payments to many different suppliers.

”We have reduced our stock value by around DKK 100,000 per year. We also save quite some time due to an almost completely automated ordering process.” SOURCING MANAGER PRODUCTION WITH NILFISK FOOD, TIM DALLGAARD

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