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Machine building

An extensive assortment to fit your needs

As a machine builder, you buy many different products - all with different quality requirements. We offer a wide product assortment from a range of handpicked suppliers to meet your quality standards. We are also happy to source based on your needs, so you can gather your purchases with as few suppliers as possible to save time and ressources

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Fast and reliable delivery

No one wants to tie up their assets in inventory, unless it is strictly necessary. Therefore, we help our customers stocking and sourcing the components with a customised logistic setup that ensures high availability through quick and predictable delivery. This includes services such as day-to-day delivery and Solar Fastbox

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Technical support from industry experts

Our technical support team is always available to answer industry-specific questions. We are also available to advise about replacement of existing products or purchase of new components

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We'll keep you up to date

The technical installation industry is constantly evolving with new innovations emerging from day to day. Solar School offers a range of courses to reflect current developments and allow you to train a group of employees for a particular job. We also offer customised training

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Some products and services are not available in all countries. Here you can see which countries support machine builders