Pneumatics at Solar

Solar offers sales and delivery of pneumatic components to our industry customers. We deliver both components for maintenance in production lines and for the production of machines.

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Better products, better production

Solar is cooperating with the world-leading manufacturer of pneumatics, SMC. Therefore, we can offer you the best components in the business at very attractive prices. Today, we are keeping a wide range of products in stock; cylinders, valves, hoses and fittings, and equipment for handling compressed air. An assortment, which we continue to develop and adjust.

It is what we call “stronger together”.

Your certified support team

Our certified support team can help you with everything within pneumatic solutions including handling of items, vacuum and energy optimisation.

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Did you know


of all manufacturing companies use compressed air in their production.


of the total electrical consumption is used for the production of compressed air.


of all the compressed air used in the industry is used for blowing air.


A part of our 360 degree approach

We offer pneumatics as a part of our TCO approach. As a sourcing and service company, we can analyse your entire sourcing setup and create a better transparency, more flexibility, better control over the total costs and thereby strengthen the competitiveness of the company.

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Pneumatics and Kanban system reduces downtime at SP Moulding

At SP Moulding, missing a simple air fitting causes standstill and costs of several thousand euros per hour. Therefore, having the right amount of spare parts in stock at all times is critical to reducing downtime, says the company’s director.

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30 - 50% of compressed air is lost in leakages after the compression.

A leak of Ø1 mm in the compressed air system costs 1,200 EUR per year.

A leak of Ø5 mm in the compressed air system costs 30,000 EUR per year.

Source: SMC