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Change takes a team

There are 2.900 reasons why Solar is more than a wholesaler. You don't have to know all our names. But you can rely on us to have your back in your next green project.

Together we make the difference.

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Sustainability Reporting

Our sustainability report contains extensive information about our activities and targets within Environment, Social and Governance. This is how we seek to improve our social and environmental impact.
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ESG data

As a responsible and transparent company, we are committed to supporting the ESG portal, and thereby its investors, by submitting all relevant ESG data.
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Investing in Solar is investing in the green transition

Solar believes in productivity improvement, digitalisation and networked development. We support our customers in developing energy-efficient solutions, reducing waste and optimising logistics based on strong digital platforms.
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A word from our CEO

Responsible use of resources

Our logo might be blue, but in Solar, we have always had a keen eye for the green solutions.

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Check out our list of other CSR related initiatives. You'll find anything from Rhinos at the Zoo to solar powered CEOs on longboards.

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Solar Polaris

Get paid by the sun

With a service life of more than 30 years, solar panels turn the sun into an inexpensive, sustainable energy source. Solar Polaris gives you the opportunity to save money and contribute to a sustainable society.

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Collaboration with EcoVadis will ensure a responsible value chain

With more than 3,000 suppliers, we have a responsibility to ensure green initiatives and social responsibility in the value chain. As the first sourcing and services company, we have expanded that focus with a collaboration with EcoVadis. They provide a unique tool for risk management and evaluating the sustainability performance of suppliers.

"We see the collaboration with EcoVadis as a step towards engaging our suppliers more. It is an area we take very seriously and which we are willing to invest our time and effort to stay in control of," says Group Sourcing Manager, Katarina Jönsson.

As part of the collaboration, the sustainability risk assessments from EcoVadis will form the basis for action plans with the individual suppliers regarding improvements. "Worst case scenario, they will give us some guidance on who we should avoid doing business with," says Katarina Jönsson.



We aim to increase diversity in Solar. We know it will benefit our company, performance and society. However, it is a difficult task, and we still do not have the perfect solution. But we have the ambitions. And we would love you to be a part of our journey, starting today. To us, ”stronger together” is not empty words. We genuinely believe that our differences will be a force. That is why we strive towards 25 percent of women in our top management within 2025. The purpose is to make us an even stronger company in the future.

We are not changing anything just by talking about it

He is a part of Solar’s Executive Board in a male dominated industry. But at home, men are highly under-represented. Meet Chief Commercial Officer Hugo Dorph, who is passionate about digital business development and about being a dad of four girls. He is also ambassador for diversity in Solar.

Solar Family

This is how we take care of our own. This is where you see that 'stronger together' is more than just a payoff. It is a feeling. It is our culture.

In Solar, we have a grant programme named Solar Family, which was initiated by the founding family of Solar. Descendants of our founder Jacob L. Jørgensen make up the board of The Fund of 20th December, who is behind the initiative.

The programme provides financial aid to employees, who find themselves in a life crisis. This could be unforeseen accidents in life such as death, critical illness or accidents followed by serious consequences for the employee or someone in their immediate family. Our very own safety net.

We take care of Solar and Solar takes care of us.

Our partners

We report to

UN Global Compact

As a participant in UN Global Compact, we have communicated our progress on corporate social responsibility since 2011. Read all reports here.
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Our reporting system

Carbon Disclosure Project

Since 2010, Solar has reported our emission to the Carbon Disclosure Project. Therefore, Solar has established a standardised reporting system for our CO2 emissions. Our 2021 score is B-.
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Gold rating


We are very proud to announce that Solar Danmark has received the sustainability gold rating by EcoVadis. Solar Nederland, Solar Norge and Solar Sverige received the silver rating in 2022.
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Our company fleet


Solar converts 485 cars to EV by 2030 Electrification and climate & energy improvements are key drivers to a more sustainable society. This is the very core of our business and what we provide to our customers. That is why we have decided to join EV100 and will convert our company fleet to EV by 2030.
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Risk rating


Sustainalytics provides high-quality, analytical environmental, social and governance (ESG) research, ratings and data to institutional investors and companies to help identify, understand and manage ESG-driven risks and opportunities. Solar’s ESG Risk Rating is medium.
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AAA rating


MSCI has more than 50 years of expertise in research, data and technology and creates industry-leading, research enhanced solutions that clients use to gain insight into and improve transparency across the investment process. Solar’s ESG rating is AAA and considered a leading company in our industry.
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Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Engagement Programme

We want to be sure that the product we offer have been produced and transported in an ethical manner. Therefore, our suppliers have agreed to our Code of Conduct

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CDP facts and figures

How we reduce CO2

Global CO2 emission is an issue we take seriously at Solar, and we are taking several measures to promote environmental responsibility throughout the group.

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Sustainability Policy

Read our Sustainability Policy and other policies related to it.

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A career in Solar

Join our family

If you're interested in helping us on our journey towards a more sustainable way of doing business, please check out our jobs available on the career site. Help us save resources together.

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Environmental management system

Interested in our certificates regarding quality and environment?
Here, you'll find links to our certificates in our respective subsidiaries.

Solar Danmark
Solar Norge
Solar Nederland
Solar Sverige

CSR contact

Whistle-blower portal

Our whistle-blower set-up invites internal and external stakeholders to expose any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct.

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