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Wholesaler or a sourcing partner?

Can you tell the difference between a wholesaler and a sourcing and services partner? It is hard to describe but even harder to ignore.

Our 2,900 passionate Solar colleagues are the answer.

Together we make the difference.


Our strategy is digital and green

Our Core+ strategy builds on our solid progress in recent years, with stronger execution of better business. We focus on four strategic ‘growth and profit drivers’ – Industry, Trade, Climate & Energy and Concepts.

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Cases from Annual Report 2021

Concepts - Solar Light

Perfect lighting on the padel court

Solar has been involved in supplying the lighting to a number of padel centres in Sweden. The most recent is Gislövs IF following the association’s decision to turn the former gymnastics hall into an indoor training centre and padel court.
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Solar School

The demand for heat pumps sends electricians on courses

The green transition is increasing the demand for heat pumps from private consumers as well as companies. This means higher standards for electricians and their training.
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Industry - Solar Services

Vending machines support a more efficient working day

Danish Crown Foods' Maintenance Department in Vejle has leased vending machines through Solar. With a special access key, employees can retrieve various items, which saves time, reduces costs, and makes the working day more efficient.
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Dutch company makes its mark thanks to Solar's products

Gijsberts BV has been working with Solar for more than 25 years because of our fast delivery, availability and unique own label products, which enable them to stand out from their competitors.
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Meet CEO Jens Andersen

At 30, he became part of Solar’s management board. Today, he heads 3,000 employees in five countries. Meet Jens Andersen, who dreamed about becoming a veterinarian, says no thanks to sun holidays and spends his time with the customers instead of in the office.

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Digital tools - improve your workday

We invest in digital frontrunners that will make your business even more efficient. Here, you'll find everything from BIM objects and job management software to smart home technologies

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Green together


Our logo might be blue, but in Solar, we have always had a keen eye for the green solutions. We focus on energy-efficient solutions and provide best-in-class services to ensure sustainable use of resources.

Our approach to sustainability
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Find your local Solar company

We're a global organisation with a local setup. Find your nearest Solar business and let us assist you in the best possible way.

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Need special transport?

Delivery covers all the services linked to the distribution and flow of materials. This can be special delivery requirements as well as the physical control of the flow within a construction site.

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inventory management

Efficient warehouse management

Do you wish to optimise your flow of materials? with an inventory management system, you can control and handle your warehouse situation in a clear and cost efficient way.

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Special handling

Reduce time handling goods

Your parts are packed in boxes labelled with delivery address, room number, flat number or GPS coordinates. We deliver according to your progress on the project. It doesn't get much simpler!

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Saving resources together

Pneumatics? Sure we can!

We have very skilled colleagues within pneumatics, automation and TCO. Our experience combined with our knowledge and the products from our partner SMC, ensures a vast and accessible assortment.

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Food & beverage

Our services within food & beverage cover all activities related to industrial processing and marketing of foods. This includes offering quality systems to help you meet important food safety regulations.

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Gedore tools

The new collaboration between tool manufacturer GEDORE and Solar gives Scandinavian industrial companies access to premium tools.

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Box thinking

Feedback from our customers led to a sustainability initiative that lowered Solar’s annual use of cardboard boxes in packaging, created better work environment and improved profitability

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